Incorporated in 2020. Says a lot right there.

Office @madisonusedbooks.com

Phone: 850-253-2310

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Are you an author interested in a book signing?

  • There is no cost to the author for signing events.
  • A five to six foot table and two chairs will be provided. Please¬†bring anything else you might need. We will not be providing refreshments.
  • We will only be available for signings within our business hours.
  • Please schedule well in advance. You can look at our calendar under Events tab to review confirmed monthly events,¬†however, some scheduled events may be processing.
  • Please be respectful to store customers, the team, and the business.
  • One booking at a time, you may rebook after your event.
  • If you require Madison Used Books to process payments, there will be a 25% charge. We will pay you 75% of your book’s price after the event. We suggest you sign up with Square or a similar card processing company and bring adequate change for cash transactions.
  • Madison Books will schedule an event on FB and the website. If you cancel, we will deal with future requests on a case by case basis.
  • To schedule or for more information, please contact Kevin at support @ madisonusedbooks.com